Programme FERCAN

13th F.E.R.C.AN. Workshop

Rhaglen Dros Dro
Provisional programme
Programme provisoire
Vorläufiges Programm

Please contact us asap if you would like to give a paper or present a poster.

Keynote lecture by Miranda Aldhouse-Green (Cardiff): “The Magician’s House. Weird goings on in Roman Chartres.”

Provisional timetable:

Venue: Arts Hall, Lampeter

Friday, 17th October 2014

2.30 Tea & Coffee // Opening of the conference
3.00 Manfred Hainzmann (Graz), Deus Apollo Grannos: in search of a theonymic
3.30 – Francisco Burillo & Mª. Pilar Burillo‐Cuadrado (Zaragoza), An approach to the concept of Cosmos in the Celtiberian Religion
4.00 Tea & Coffee

Medieval Studies

4.30 – Patrick Sims‐Williams (Aberystwyth), Trends and problems in identifying medieval survivals of Celtic myth.
5.00 – Fernando Fernandez & John Koch (CAWCS, Aberystwyth), Gods epigraphically attested in Britain in Roman times and counterparts in the Early Medieval texts from the British Isles: An Assessment.

Keynote lecture

6.30 – Miranda Aldhouse‐Green (Cardiff), The Magician’s House. Weird goings on in Roman Chartres.
7.30 Reception & Book Launch
8.30 Dinner

Saturday, 18th October 2014

9.00 – Ralph Haeussler (Lampeter), The importance of location: religious inscriptions from archaeological contexts.
9.30 – Maria Manuela Alves Dias & Maria João Correia Santos (Lisbon), The Gods that never were. New readings of Penedo de Remeseiros (CIL II 2476) and Penedo das Ninfas (CIL II 5607).


10.00 – Fernando Fernandez (CAWCS, Aberystwyth), The theonym *Conventina
10.30 – Coffee break
11.00 – Alexander Falileyev (Aberystwyth), Divine Names from Latin Inscriptions of Istria: some considerations
11.30 – Blanca María Prósper (Salamanca), Some linguistic observations on the divine names of the Cantabri
11.30 – Patrizia de Bernardo Stempel (Victoria/Gasteiz), A Comparative Look at Some Hispanic Divine Names and Theonymic Formulae
12.00 – Discussion
12.30 – Poster Session
13.00 – Lunch in the Refectory


14.00 Roger Tomlin (Oxford), The Uley ‘curse tablets’: a new text
14.30 – Daphne Nash Briggs (Oxford), Spirit of a place, father of a people: an ancient tribal cult in a sacred Norfolk landscape.
15.00 – Gil Burleigh (Hitchin), A sacred landscape around Iron Age and Romano‐British Baldock, Hertfordshire, England.
15.30 – Tea break
16.00 – Stephen Yeates (John Moore Heritage Services / Wolfson College, Oxford, England), The Roman religious landscape at Abingdon.
16.30 – Alessandra Esposito (King’s College London), Talking to the Gods: A journey through religious patterns in Roman Britain.
17.00 – Tony King (Winchester), Carrying the Gods with them? Small altars, the military, portability and provenance.
17.30–19.00  Corpus‐FERCAN editorial meeting (for F.E.R.C.AN. coordinators and authors/co‐authors)
19.30 Dinner



9.00 – Wolfgang Spickermann & Werner Petermandl (Graz), Celtic Theonyms and Gallo‐Roman religion in the Roman province Germania Inferior.
9.30 – Marjeta Šašel Kos (Ljubljana), A sacred river landscape with a sanctuary – the worship of rivers in the southeastern Alpine area.
10.00 – Bernard Rémy (Grenoble), Les dieux au nom indigène et leurs cultores chez les Voconces de Vaison d’après les inscriptions.
10.30 – Coffee break & Celtic music
10.50 – Audrey Ferlut (Lyon), Ritual practices for Celtic goddesses for Gallia Belgica and the Germaniae.
11.20 – Vladimir Petrović & Vojislav Filipović (Belgrade, Serbia), Epigraphic and Archaeological Testimonies about the Celtic Presence in the Upper Timachus Valley (East Moesia Superior).
12.20 – Final Discussion
12.30 Lunch in the refectory
c.13.00 EXCURSION to Caerwent & Caerleon
(If you need to get back to London by train tonight, we can pass Newport
station around 8pm in time for the 2018 train which will arrive at Paddington
at 23.13 hrs)

Posters include, for example:

Jane Masséglia (Oxford, England), Home and Abroad: Roman Soldiers and Celtic Gods in the Ashmolean Museum.
Vladimir Petrović & Vojislav Filipović (Belgrade, Serbia), Epigraphic and Archaeological Testimonies about the Celtic Presence in the Upper Timachus Valley (East Moesia Superior).
Florian Blanchard (Brest, France), Le cavalier à l’anguipède et la religion gallo-romaine.
Cristina Giradi (Graz, Austria), On the trail of plural divinities’ places of worship in Cisalpine Gaul.
Csaba Szabó (Pécs, Hungary), Individual religious acts of Celtic women in Apulum.
Paola Tomasi (Pavia, Italy), Hercules’ cult in middle-eastern Transpadana (regio XI). Two case-studies from Cedrate (Varese) and Laus Pompeia.

Abstracts will be put online soon.

Cernunnos from Reims