Sacred Landscapes: Creation, Manipulation & Transformation
Lampeter, 5th – 7th May 2014

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Monday, 5th May

Collection of delegates from Carmarthen railway station at 1 pm

Arrival and registration of delegates: 2 – 2.45 pm
Tea & Coffee

2.45 pm Opening of the conference
by the Provost of the Lampeter campus, Prof. D. Densil Morgan D Phil DD FLSW

3.00 pm Beginning of first conference panel: 3 pm
All sessions will take place in the Founders’ Library in the original building of the university.

Session 1
Transformation of sacred landscapes

3.00 Tony King (University of Winchester)
The Landscape of Romano-Celtic religion in South-east Britain

3.30 Lucia Alberti (Istituto di Studi sul Mediterraneo Antico [ISMA], Rome)
Over the rainbow: places with and without memory in the funerary landscape of Knossos during the 2nd millennium B.C.

4.00 Sarah Platt (University of Oxford, Brasenose College)
Renewal and Reconfiguration: Interpreting the Ilissos area of Athens in the 2nd century A.D.

4.30 Tea break

4.45 Rita Sassu and Rosa Di Marco (La Sapienza, University of Rome)
Sacred buildings invested with economic meaning: the case of the Athenian Acropolis

5.15 Francesca Diosono (Università degli Studi di Perugia / Ludwig-Maximilian Universität, München)
From a holy wood to a monumental shrine: the Roman regularizing of the wild and isolated landscape of Nemi

5.45 José Carlos Sánchez Pardo and Marco García (University of Santiago de Compostela)
The Creation of Christian Landscapes in Early Medieval Galicia

6.15 Wine reception in the Founders’ Library

Keynote lecture: 7.00 pm
Francisco Marco Simón (University of Zaragoza)
Monumentalization of watery cults in Tarraconensis and Lusitania

8pm – Join us for dinner in a traditional Welsh pub

Tuesday, 6th May

Session 2
Manipulation of sacred sites: monumentalising natural features

9.00 Leticia López-Mondéjar (University of Murcia)
Development and transformation of the sacred landscapes in the Iberian Southeast between the 4th and the 1st centuries B.C.

9.30 Maria João Correia Santos (University of Zaragoza)
Sacred landscape and the principal of duality: the rock-cut sanctuaries of Western Iberian Peninsula

10.00 Ruth Ayllón-Martín (University of Barcelona),
Natural cult places in Celtiberia: myth and reality

10.30 am – Coffee break

10.45 Matteo F. Olivieri (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Archaic tyrants and the sanctuary of Apollo of Delos: Geopolitics in the Cyclades and the appeal to Ionian ethnicity

11.15 Louise Steel (UWTSD, Lampeter)
Transforming Landscapes: Exploring the Creation of a Sacred Landscape in Northeast Cyprus at the Beginning of the Late Bronze Age

Session 3
Myth & landscapes: landscapes invested with meaning

11.45 Thomas Jansen (UWTSD, Lampeter)
The Sacralization of Landscape as Memory Space in Early Medieval China 

12.15 Angus Graham (Institute of Archaeology, UCL, London)
The Egyptian elite worldview and building programme in ancient Thebes: reconstructing cosmic landscapes


Lunch in the refectory: 12.45 – 1.45 pm


1.45 María Cruz Cardete (Complutense University of Madrid)
Divine figures and religious landscapes in Classical Arcadia

2.15 Gian Franco Chiai (Free University, Berlin)
Creating Sacred Landscapes in Roman Phrygia: the cases of Laodicea on Lyos and Aizanoi

2.45 Florian Schimpf (University of Mainz)
Man – Nature – Religion: Thoughts Concerning Development, Form and Perception of Sacred Landscapes in Asia Minor

3.15 Elena Chepel (University of Reading)
Worshipping the landscape in Attic drama

3.45 pm – Tea break

4.00 Irene Polinskaya (King’s College London)
“Eyesore of Piraeus” or “Shining Star of Zeus Hellanios:” Aigina-island in the Eye of a Beholder

4.30 Julie Baleriaux (Oxford, New College)
Where do rivers dive? Giving meaning to subterranean rivers in Ancient Greek thought

Session 4
Identity & territorial organisation

5.00 Anna-Katharina Rieger (Max-Weber Center for Advanced Cultural Studies, Erfurt)
Analytical scale matters – topographical embedding and “catchment areas” of Graeco-Roman shared sacred places in the Hauran (Southern Syria)

5.30 Katharina Zinn (UWTSD, Lampeter / University of Swansea)
Creation and conservation of Sacred Landscapes: Amarna and Abydos – keeping the spirit alive?

(Session 4 continues on Wednesday am)

Conference dinner at the university: 7.00 pm 

Wednesday, 7th May

Session 4
Identity & territorial organisation

9.00 Csaba Szabó (University of Pécs)
Sacred landscapes of Roman Dacia


Session 5
Experiencing sacred landscapes

9.30 Anastasia Amrhein (University of Pennsylvania),
Artificiality, Sacrality and Accessibility: The Role of Gardens in the Formation of Assyrian Subjectivity

10.00 Eleanor Betts (Open University, Milton Keynes)
Sacred landscapes of Picenum (Marche)

10.30 Joana Valdez-Tullett (University of Southampton)
Of the appropriation of space and meaning through Rock Art.

11am – Coffee break

11.15 Maria Pretzler (University of Swansea)
Aelius Aristides – sacred landscapes between community and the individual

11.45 Andy Valdez-Tullett (University of Leicester)
‘God is on the journey too.’: Secular experiences of a pilgrimage landscape

12.15 Katy Soar (Open University)
There and Back Again: Performing the Landscape in Minoan Crete

Lunch in the refectory: 12.45 – 1.30 pm

1.30 Astrid Lindenlauf (Bryn Mawr)
A new map of Classical Athens: The Use of Processional Routes as a Means to Create a Sense of Place

2.00 Final discussion

After the last lecture, buses will leave for a short field trip to Caer y Bwgi, incl. a chance to return to Carmarthen railway station for the 18.31 train to London.

All the times are still provisional. We endeavour to update this programme regularly, as soon as more information is available.